Muyiwa feat Guvna B - Alade Wura Single

Muyiwa feat Guvna B – Alade Wura Single

Muyiwa Olarewaju has been inspiring music listeners across Africa, Europe and the UK for nearly a a broadcaster and singer song writer. He can be heard on the only commercial Christian radio station in the UK, Premier Radio. He hosts the flagship show “Gospel Tonight” as well as “Worship Tonight,” both award-winning programs.

Muyiwa has also presented Something Understood for BBC Radio 4 and is presenter of Sounds Of Africa on the Lufthansa Airlines with over 50 million passengers. Muyiwa’s passion for music goes beyond his role as a radio presenter.

A singer and songwriter, he burst onto the Christian music scene in 2002 with his debut album ‘Restoration’ featuring Riversongz, a dynamic group. He mixes the soul of black music with rock, pop, soul and R&B to create an intoxicating and awe inspiring world music sound.

Muyiwa and his group are chart toppers in the UK. He is also a former recipient of the BBC’s Young Musician Award. Whether in the studio or on stage, Muyiwa brings an enthusiasm that energizes audiences.


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